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Modular Pump Packages and Design Flexibility

Systecon standard pump system

Standard Pump Packages

Standard Pump Packages provide indoor comfort systems and comprehensive facility solutions for institutional, commercial, and industrial uses.

By combining components into standard configurations, Systecon is able to offer modular pump packages that cost less and require less time to manufacture…

  • All engineering is done – no custom engineering charges
  • All programming done and tested – no field work needed from factory
  • Price concessions for volume on: Pumps, VFDs, Controllers
  • No expensive factory start-up

All Systecon Standard Pump Packages come with factory mounted controls for pump sequencing and remote monitoring. Major system components include pumps, variable frequency drives, headers, and structural steel bases.

Design Flexibility -Three Basic Systems

  • Constant Speed (Primary Chilled, Condenser)
  • Variable Speed (Secondary Chilled, VS Condenser, Hot)
  • Variable Primary Flow (Chilled or Hot)

Major Components

  • Pumps - B&G end suction for all products (Model 1510)
  • Variable Speed Dives - Standard ABB product (will always be current)
  • Bases
    • Standard Structural Steel
    • Interior supports for pumps, piping
    • ¼” diamond plate decking for integral working surface
    • Optional spring isolators
  • Controls
    • All units pre-programmed for pump sequencing via remote start/stop; pump and VFD failure; remote monitoring of contact points
  • Spare I/O available on all units


  • Variable Primary Flow Systems
  • Primary/Secondary Flow Systems
  • Condenser Systems
  • Dual Use Primary/Condenser Systems
  • Water Source Heat Pump Systems

Features & Benefits

  • Design Flexibility
  • Factory Built
  • Zero Tolerance Performance Test
  • Factory Mounted Controls
  • Simplified Field Installation
  • Low Installation Costs
  • Reduced Space Requirements
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