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Process Cooling Water & Coolant Distribution Units

Photo of a Systecon Process Cooling Water system
Photo of a Systecon Process Cooling Water (PCW) System

PCW & CDU Application

Process Cooling Water (PCW) is applied when constant control of process temperatures is required. Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) are a key component of liquid cooling systems that distribute coolant or water to maintain optimal temperature and flow rate.

Systecon provides PCW and CDU systems for industrial, process, and data clients requiring specific temperature cooling water for their production tools. Cooling distribution can manage power-dense hot spots in the range of 1MW+.

Many process tools, such as those used in the semiconductor industry, generate heat that must be removed continuously and consistently. PCW and CDU systems circulate process water at a consistent temperature and pressure for more efficient use of water-cooled tools.

Systecon’s PCW and CDU package consists of an end suction pump, horizontal filter housing, plate and frame heat exchanger, VFD, I/O panel, temperature control valve, and temperature and pressure transmitters. The package is isolated from the system piping and building using springs and snubbers in the structural base and flex connectors at the package connections.

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