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Systecon’s Factory-Built Systems

Man on lift in Systecon factory

Systecon's Facility

Systecon spans the globe with successful projects on five continents - many for US based companies looking to expand globally while maintaining a consistent level of quality and performance across all locations and utility applications. We can provide this consistency since all systems are factory built - designed, assembled and tested – at our facility in West Chester, Ohio.

Our 146,500 ft² facility houses our highly trained and experienced engineering, production and administration teams, as well as all the tools and equipment needed to assemble and test multiple systems simultaneously. This allows us to optimize our labor force and provide shorter assembly schedules, saving you time and money.

Systecon’s factory built systems provide you with many benefits compared to traditional field built systems:

You don’t have to worry about a shortage of qualified construction professionals. Systecon’s permanent production personnel have extensive knowledge of systems and assembly, increasing the quality and efficiency of your system, and reducing project delays.

Our modular systems can be built in parallel with other construction happening at your job site.

Building in a controlled factory environment means we build year-round with no weather delays. It also means there is greater workplace safety, and improved security and protection of your system components since they’re not exposed to the elements at an unsecure worksite.

Factory building is a greener way of building. Storing materials indoors and having the ability to make precision cuts produces less waste. We also have procedures to properly dispose of, or recycle waste materials.

One of the most important features for the guaranteed performance and quality of your system is the ability test it in the factory before delivery and installation at your site. Upon completion of assembly, projects are third party certified by ETL. This allows Systecon to act as a single-source manufacturer for all components included in a project.

Factory Features

  • 136,500 ft² production area
  • Five manufacturing bays
  • 17 cranes (one 2-ton, one 5-ton, two 7-ton, five 10-ton, two 15-ton, and six 30-ton)
  • 120,000 lb. max rigging weight
  • Performance test stand for ETL certified third party testing
    • 20,000-gallon storage tank
    • 30-inch supply header
    • Certified witness test capable of 30,000 GPM
    • NIST certified measurement instruments including flow and kW metering
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