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Modular Central Plants

Systecon factory-built modular central plant

Fit Your Specific Project Needs

Systecon modular central plants are custom designed, factory assembled, and performance tested to provide you with the most efficient and advanced system to fit your specific project needs.

Systecon develops solutions for a variety of applications, system types, and sizes. Systecon has delivered solutions including systems from 100 to 30,000 GPM and projects from 50 to 10,000 tons in size.

Central Plants Can Integrate:

  • Chillers
    • Air-Cooled - Screw, Scroll, Reciprocating
    • Water Cooled - Centrifugal, Screw, Scroll, Modular
  • Boilers
    • Steam
  • Cooling Towers & Closed-Circuit Coolers
  • Heat Exchangers
    • Plate & Frame - Waterside Economizer, Cooling Tower Water Process Systems, Glycol Isolation Systems
    • Shell & Tube - Steam to Hot Water Systems, Process Isolation
  • Pumps
  • Power Distribution
  • Controls and Wiring

Modular construction allows the owner and consulting engineer retain control of the design and implementation of their modular central plant - from design review and component selection to witness performance testing and factory walkthrough before shipment.

Systecon makes project management easier for you with single source responsibility, meaning we manage and take responsibility for every aspect of your job. Plus, an ETL third party label for the entire plant helps reduce your overall risk, ensuring the quality of your system.

Our designs include important, though often overlooked, features like allowances for proper service and maintenance clearances (even for projects with small footprints). 

Systecon’s OEM relationships allow you to choose your system components from a wide variety of top equipment brands. You also have your choice of enclosure options for outdoor installations.

Key Systecon Features

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