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Benefits of Systecon Systems

Investing in quality is the best value over time.

Quality & Reliability

Systecon construction standards exceed industry standards and specify the use of parts and equipment from the most respected suppliers in the industry.

All Systecon systems are thoroughly planned and engineered, assembled by experienced professionals, and factory tested/UL certified before being delivered to your job site.

Factory testing allows any issues to be addressed before the system leaves the factory. This ensures efficient system operation, performance guarantee, system control verification and validation.


You, the customer, retain control over the design and implementation of your system. You choose the components and we create a system specific to your budget and project needs.

Cost Savings

We provide accurate, up-front pricing, and, our efficiently designed, factory built systems save on labor, installation, operating and maintenance costs.

Time Savings

Our factory built systems require shorter lead times. They’re built in parallel with other construction happening at your job site and delivered when you need them. Single point hydronic, electrical, and control connections require less field labor and trade coordination resulting in faster, simplified field installation.

Space Savings

Systecon systems are designed with the smallest footprint possible while still allowing space for maintenance and expansion if desired. And, they don’t have to be a 1-level facility. We can design and build multiple story facilities.

Single Source Responsibility

Since Systecon sources and manages all components of the system, there is less risk to the installer, designer and owner. This also makes project management much easier for you.

All systems have a full single-source warranty. Plus, Systecon offers optional maintenance and service plans so your system can be cared for by the same team that created it.

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