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Delivery & Installation, Start-Up & Commissioning

Systecon system being lifted on crane for installation and workers assisting

Delivery & Installation

Once your system has passed factory testing, it’s separated into modules, weatherized and shipped to the job site.

At the job site, Systecon’s single point connections make installation simple and most reassembly work is typically done by an onsite mechanical contractor. However, Systecon does provide an experienced technician to supervise installation and start-up.

Simplified Field Installation

  • Single point hydronic, electrical, and control connections
  • Less field labor required
  • Reduced trade coordination
  • Fast project completion
  • Clearly defined divisions of responsibility

Start-up & Commissioning

Start-up and commissioning of Systecon systems are much faster and easier than with field built systems. Since our systems are designed, assembled and tested in our factory, many items required for start-up and commissioning are accomplished before the system even reaches your job site.

Factory testing also ensures that any possible issues that would normally be detected during start-up and commissioning are addressed before delivery. This means you avoid the unwanted surprises (and costs) you might encounter when trying to find and fix problems with a field built system, like unexpected down-time and the need to bring in additional equipment and labor.

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