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An Equans Company

Systecon's old logo to new logo

Systecon is Now an Equans Company

In February 2019, Systecon was acquired by ENGIE, a global energy and services group. With Engie came a strengthened and shared commitment in mechanical services and construction, and positioning Systecon to provide a broader set of services.

In July 2021, ENGIE launched the EQUANS brand, a collaborative group of commercial infrastructure experts. A leader in delivering multi-technical services, EQUANS is structured along 6 fields of expertise: Electrical, HVAC, Cooling, Mechanical, Digital & IT, and Facility Management.


EQUANS is the world leader in technical services with businesses in 17 countries designing and providing customized solutions to improve customers’ buildings, technical equipment, systems and processes and to support them in optimizing their use.

With nearly 74,000 highly qualified employees among our businesses and a strong geographic footprint through our local brands, our businesses have excellent technical know-how in design, installation, maintenance, and performance services, with a unique combination of skills and technical services like HVAC, refrigeration, district cooling & fire protection, facility management, digital, information and communication technologies, electrical, mechanical and robotics.

EQUANS expertise and knowledge of customers’ businesses uniquely positions us to support them in their transitions for modernization and sustainable development.

EQUANS North America

EQUANS North America is a leader in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and building services across North America supporting customers in the optimization of their energy use and efficient operation of their facilities, in a way that bolsters change.

EQUANS North America (NA)

  • Operating in more than 17 states and 2 provinces
  • More than 4,600 employees
  • 40+ years of experience in North America
  • USD 1.3 billion in 2020 revenue
  • Over 1,000 projects commissioned per year
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