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Performance Testing for Systecon Systems

Performance Testing Equipment at Systecon
Performance Testing Equipment

All Systems Are Tested

Quality is important. That’s why performance testing is a requirement for ALL Systecon systems, regardless of size or application. Every component is validated to confirm that your package meets the predicted performance before it leaves our factory.

Our flow test stand can handle up to 30,000 GPM, ensuring every Systecon project is tested up to full design flow – something that field built systems can’t always accommodate. The factory test also includes a full simulation of the control sequences – pump staging, chiller staging, valve operation, failure modes, and transmitter signals.

For quality assurance, all testing instruments are certifiable to NIST, including flow, pressure and electrical metering. Systecon also offers factory walk-throughs and witness performance testing to ensure your expectations are met before project completion.

Testing in a manufacturing environment is ideal because it guarantees performance of the system upon installation, eliminating most problems found during start-up and commissioning. In fact, available performance testing elevates the value and advantage of a modular, factory assembled product when compared to a traditional field-built system. When field-built systems have problems during start-up and commissioning, they can be time-consuming and costly to find and fix.

Systecon’s guaranteed performance means we find and fix any issues with your new modular system before it’s delivered to your site.

That makes installation fast and simple.


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